Covid-19 measures


Can I book, even if I’m not sure?

You can book in peace, as our cancellation conditions have always been, and still remain, very flexible:
– cancellation is possible up to 21 days before arrival, with the refund of the deposit already paid,  except a cancellation fee of € 50,00.
– you can move or change your booking without any penalty up to 21 days before arrival.
– you can use the deposit already paid, even in case of last minute cancellation, as a voucher for another booking by September 2022 and, given the current exceptional situation, also for summer 2023.

REGUARD TO counter the spread of Covid-19

We ask all guests to work together to help ensure a peaceful and safe holiday for everyone. The actions to keep are few, simple, and we know them well:

1- interpersonal distance of at least 1 m
2- mask to wear when you are not in the room or apartment, or when there is no distance of 1 meter
3- If you have fever or flu symptoms, isolate yourself in your room/apartment and call 1500
4- Avoid gatherings, both on the pitch and in common spaces
5- Wash your hands often
6- sneezing in the fold of the elbow
7- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
8- Avoid handshakes, kisses and hugs
9- Parents accompany young children to ensure distance

The mask must be worn indoors (e.g. commercial activities, common areas and toilets) and outdoors outside your pitch, and always when it is not possible to respect the distance between people of at least one meter (except for those belonging to the same family / group of travelers). During physical activity the use of a mask is not compulsory. This is until further notice by the competent authorities.

To avoid crowds, you can access the reception only 2 people at a time and one per household. Check-in is fast: there is no measurement of body temperature.  For the check-out inside the cash office only one person at a time. By regulation, however, people with a body temperature higher than 37.5 ° can not access the structure.

Always use a mask in indoor areas and always when it is not possible to respect the distance between people of at least one meter. Sanitize your hands using the hand sanitizing gel dispensers located inside the facility. Gloves are not mandatory. Maintain a distance of one meter from other people.

The pitches, bordered by trees and, in some cases, hedges, provide a space available for each group of travelers ranging from 40 to 75 square meters, ensuring a safe distance. In this way it is possible to enjoy a vacation in the open air and in the middle of nature.

The open sides (access door) of the units placed in the pitch (camper, tent, caravan) must respect a distance of at least 3 meters from the access of the unit in front. The staff accompanying the pitch will give instructions on how to position themselves. Accessories (tables, chairs) must be positioned at 1 m inside the perimeter of the pitch. It is recommended that guests carry out regular cleaning and cleaning of interior and exterior furnishings.


The property has been properly cleaned and thoroughly sanitized by qualified staff with sanitizing sanitizers, containing hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorate and complying with circular 5443 of 22.02.2020 of the Ministry of Health. During cleaning, the qualified staff wears all the personal protective equipment before entering the property and disposes of them after the service is finished. L’immobile viene adeguatamente arieggiato prima e dopo le operazioni di pulizia. Cleaning-disinfection covers the entire property and all treatable surfaces, including air ventilation grids of air conditioners, split filters of the air conditioning system, the handles of the interior doors, windows and window doors and every furniture and object provided to the guest. The linen is washed by professional laundry; Mattresses, sofas, carpets, blankets, curtains and key sets will be disinfected before delivery.

The onset of fever (> 37.5) or respiratory infection symptoms during the period of stay should be immediately communicated to the Village Camping Joker who will promptly notify the relevant health authority.


If it is necessary to carry out maintenance or minor repairs of the leased property, access inside will be done according to all the health protocols provided and through authorized personnel equipped with personal protective equipment and maintaining the safe distances.

The use of a mask is mandatory. Hand sanitizing gel are available at the entrance of supermarkets and stores, which must be used before handling goods. It is necessary to maintain a distance of one meter from other people at all times. It is preferable to pay with electronic systems

In the restaurant the mask is mandatory, at the table you can remove it. The table layout guarantees a minimum distance of one meter between customers. There are hand sanitizing gel at the entrance of the restaurant area, in several places in the restaurant and near the services. Menus will be printed on specially created materials against the spread of viruses.

The entrance to the pool area will be regulated by staff who will ensure the flow to the solarium area and the pool according to the provisions (7 square meters per person). Chairs and deckchairs are strictly sanitized by the staff after each change of guests (at least 2 times a day) and positioned 1 meter apart.

Access to the restrooms will be regulated and will be adapted to ensure 1 meter spacing between people. The restrooms are equipped with hand sanitizer gel dispensers at the entrance. All toilets are cleaned and disinfected with specific products 3 times a day in all their parts. Their structure guarantees natural air circulation in all parts and rooms.


The establishments provide a space between the umbrellas (or other shaling systems) to ensure an area of at least 12 square meters for each umbrella, regardless of how the beach is set up. Equipment such as Sunbeds, lounge chairs, umbrellas etc. are sanitized with every change of person or household. In any case, sanitization is guaranteed at every end of the day. With regard to free beaches, it reiterates the importance of information and individual empowerment by patrons in adopting behaviours that are respectful of prevention measures and respecting the safe distance of at least 1 meter. Individual sports that usually take place at the beach (e.g. rackets) or in the water (e.g. swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing) can be regularly practiced, in accordance with interpersonal distance measures. It is to be forbidden the practice of group recreational activities that can give rise to gatherings.

Facilities staff will ensure that the provisions are complied with.

At check-in, all guests will be given an anti-COVID information note.





Dearest Customers.

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