These regulations cancel the previous version and can be consulted on the website and are displayed at the entrance to the Joker Village.
Guests will also be given an extract of these regulations on arrival.

The Management recommends that guests observe the following rules of mutual courtesy in order to ensure a peaceful and comfortable stay for all. Entering the campsite implies full acceptance of these Rules and Regulations. The Rules and Regulations are an integral part of the Booking Conditions. The Management reserves the right to expel those who, in its opinion, disturb the harmony and safety of camp life. During the low season the offices, supermarket, bar and restaurant observe reduced hours. Dogs are not allowed.


Registration is compulsory in order to stay. All guests are required, on arrival, to hand in a valid identity document for legal registration purposes. The ACSI card or other Camping Cards are under no circumstances a substitute for an identity document. Holders of such cards are obliged, like other guests, to show their documents at check-in and leave them for the time necessary to complete registration. Otherwise they will not be allowed access to the campsite. The registered persons will be made to wear an identification bracelet equipped with an Rfid chip, which is personal, non-transferable, and which allows the Guests to enter and stay inside the facility and with which it will be possible to open all accesses to the sanitary facilities, installed to guarantee their hygiene as well as their exclusive use by our Guests. The wristband must be visible at all times and must be returned obligatorily on departure, otherwise Euro 30 per wristband shall be paid by the Guest.

When booking accommodation units and pitches, arrivals must take place no earlier than 5 p.m. and no later than 9 p.m. Those arriving early may not enter the campsite for any reason other than when the accommodation units are available, unless explicit requests by customers for early entry into the campsite have been previously authorised by the Management, or by previous requests when booking, by telephone or by e-mail, of the “EARLY CHECK IN” option. Option “EARLY CHECK IN” provides for the early delivery of the accommodation unit at 12.30 p.m. depending on availability and upon payment, in this case, of an extra charge of euro 45.00. The Village Camping Joker will ask the customer on arrival Euro 100.00 as a deposit for renting a mobile home type Magic, Magic Plus, Magic Top, Evolution, Dream Villa, Sunlight, Villini ai Frassini, Appartamenti Vallenova, Appartamenti Poker, Hotel Joker Residence, Bungalow Residence, Bungalow Lido Gold.

The aforementioned deposit will be returned to the customer after checking the accommodation at the time of departure. If any damage, breakage of any kind, breakage of televisions and their remote controls, breakage of air conditioning remote controls, or negligence on the part of the customer is found, Village Camping Joker will have the right to retain part or all of the deposit paid, subject to full payment of the damage caused. Units and pitches are understood to be occupied by a minimum of 2 persons. The number of persons accommodated may not exceed the indicated number of beds. In the “Magic Top Chalet, Evolution House” type of accommodation units, a minimum of 4 persons are permitted to stay. The “Magic Top Chalet, Evolution House, Dream Villa and Sunlight” types may be rented for periods shorter than the minimum stay stated in the price list with an additional charge, subject to authorisation from the Management.

Persons wishing to visit our guests, family members or friends, must always hand in a document at the entrance, wear a visitor’s bracelet, leave their car in the outdoor or indoor car parks, and pay the regular fee if they stay longer than 30 minutes. Visits are permitted from 08:00 to 22:00, after which time day visitors must leave the campsite and no more visits are permitted.

Minors must be accompanied for the duration of their stay by their parents or an adult who is legally responsible for them, also in compliance with these regulations and in general for the behaviour of minors entrusted to them.
Adults are directly responsible for the behaviour of their minors and must take care that their liveliness does not disturb the other guests.


It is compulsory to adhere strictly to the hours of silence and in particular from 11:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. the entrances and exits of the village are closed to motor vehicles. Motorbikes may only enter and leave the village with the engine switched off. Silence must be observed to respect the peace and quiet of others, both on the campsite and in the immediate vicinity, on the jetties and on the beach. During the specified times, it is forbidden to ride electric scooters, bicycles and city roller skates, as well as to play football or other sports on the streets of the complex. For behaviour that does not comply with the regulations, the Management has the right to retain the scooters until the Guest’s departure. Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour and are required to check that they respect the rules of silence. The Management reserves the right to change these times if necessary. With respect for the tranquillity of guests, the use of the radio is permitted as long as it does not disturb neighbours in the interests of peaceful coexistence, but is in any case forbidden during rest hours.


The pitch is chosen by the guests when possible, otherwise assigned by the Reception staff. The Management reserves the right to change the number of the pitch or accommodation unit without prior notice. Guests must comply with the Management’s instructions, especially regarding parking vehicles and equipment, which must take place within the confines of their pitch or accommodation unit.
In the case of rental of accommodation units, guests become responsible for the facility and its equipment upon handing over the key. They are invited to check its condition upon handover and report any imperfections to the Management. Please note that the number of beds indicated per type of accommodation in our offer e-mail cannot be exceeded. Any breakages or deficiencies found on departure, caused by carelessness and neglect of the accommodation and its furnishings, shall be borne by the guest.

It is forbidden to move furniture and furnishings from the accommodation units. The pitch may only hold one tent or caravan or camper van. Additional tents and/or cars are charged as per the current tariff . On departure, guests are requested to leave the pitch clean and tidy. Arrivals on the pitch after 10 p.m. are not accepted. Pitches may be occupied until 10 p.m. Maximum permitted persons per pitch is 6 (adults and children).


The Village Camping Joker cares a lot about cleanliness and care, and asks the kind guests to collaborate on its maintenance, to ensure everyone a pleasant holiday place. It is forbidden to throw cards, cigarette butts and chewing gum on the ground.
Kind guests are asked not to dig holes or furrows in the pitches. Please have the utmost care of the plants and equipment of the campsite.
In the Village there are islands for the recycling of waste:
1. yellow color for paper collection
2. blue color for collecting plastic, glass and tin
3. brown color for the collection of wet waste
4. green color for collection of non-recyclable dry waste


THE electricity grid guarantees a supply of 6 A in pitches and in housing units calculated on the consumption of low-absorbing electrical appliances. It is forbidden to lace up with appliances such as washing machines, cooking plates and stoves, water heaters and stoves. Any damage caused by improper use of the electrical system will be attributed to the person responsible.


The Village Joker beach is for the exclusive use of guests. Beach equipment (sunbeds, umbrellas, etc.) that is the personal property of guests can only be placed in the areas indicated by the Management, while those owned by the campsite can only be used after allocation. It is forbidden to place parasols and/or tents within the area occupied by the campsite’s parasols. It is forbidden to lie down and place beach umbrellas and sunbeds between the sea and the first row of umbrellas owned by the Village .
It is forbidden to bathe in rough seas, during storms, at night and to go out to sea beyond the safety limit buoys.
Swimming is not recommended when the red flag is raised due to lack of surveillance. We invite guests to follow the advice of the lifeguards.
The swimming pool and whirlpools are open from 9 May to 22 September 2024 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. July and August from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Entrance to the swimming pool is only allowed to guests of the village wearing an identification bracelet. The Management reserves the right to close the swimming pool for extraordinary maintenance or hygiene reasons without this giving rise to claims for compensation.

Beach umbrellas and beach service are permitted from 9 May to 22 September 2024 also for those who have them included in their accommodation.


1. In the toilets, sinks and sinks serve the specific uses indicated on the signs.
2. The removable toilets of campers and caravans must be emptied in the appropriate chemical toilets.
3. Fires cannot be lit in the campsite, adjacent areas and on the beach. Wood, charcoal and electric barbecues are prohibited. Only gas barbecues are allowed.
4. Any kind of dumping in the lanes of rainwater-collecting lanes is prohibited.
5. Radio sets or playing musical instruments are not allowed at any time of the day. The use of television is permitted as long as its volume is not perceived outside the housing unit.
6. It is not permitted to play football or play sports outside of sports.
7. It is not allowed to attach roofing tarps of any kind or whitewashing cables to the trees.
8. On internal roads, it is forbidden to drive faster than 5 km/h, and electric scooters must follow the same traffic rules as cars.

Animals are not allowed, with the exception of the possibility of staying with dogs in our adjacent flats, upon request and subsequent authorisation by the Management.

Guests who do not comply with these rules as well as the subsequent particulars, in addition to the reimbursement of any damages, must leave the campsite at the request of the Management.

In particular, it is forbidden:
1. Smoking in the housing units, toilets and public spaces throughout the campsite, in accordance with art. 51 of Law 3/2003.
2. Entering unregistered persons in the campsite (penalty of the complaint for trespassing as per article 614 of the penal code).
3. Make squeals during afternoon and night rest both camping and in the immediate vicinity and on the beach.


Centralised toilets are opened on a first-come, first-served basis at the Management’s discretion.
Guests are invited to enquire in advance about the opening dates when choosing their pitch.
Private toilets are located in the new toilet block and can be booked for a fee either online or by email at the time of booking or on arrival depending on availability. You will be informed of the allocated private bathroom number upon check-in. Private bathrooms are available from the moment of arrival until 11.00 am on the day of departure. Even in case of late ckeck-out the access time cannot be changed.


Kind Guests who find lost items in public places within the campsite or in the immediate vicinity are asked to deliver them at the reception. The campsite is controlled. However, take care of your belongings and take the necessary precautions. Do not leave money and valuables unattended inside caravans, tents or housing units. It is advisable not to leave valuables in the car. The Directorate disclaims any responsibility for losses, loss, theft, calamity (also understood hail, falling pine cones, falling branches) unrest, accidents or damage caused by force majeure.


Rates are counted from the time of arrival until 9:30 a.m. the next day and include beach use, pool use, etc. VAT including 10%. Days are counted according to the number of nights. It is the management’s discretion to request prepayment of the entire stay at any time. Accommodation at the start must be left clean, otherwise you will be charged 70.00 euros for final cleaning. The accommodation is delivered clean and as such must be left at the start. In particular, it is recommended that the refrigerator be left free of garbage, the refrigerator empty and the kitchenette with its equipment perfectly clean, the dishes washed and the floor swept. The equipment and ancillary equipment are listed in the inventory displayed in the accommodation; In the event of a break or loss of the same, the customer must repay the value in cash. Repairs and replacements are the sole responsibility of management. Lost air conditioning chip 100.00. The bill must be settled within 3 days of arrival by paying any extras and the residence tax. This is also required for guests of travel agencies. Reservations must be paid the day after arrival. The cashier follows the times: 08:00 – 12:00 and 16:30 – 19:00. Payments are allowed in cash (within the legal limits), with ATMs and credit cards (MasterCard, Master, Visa, Postepay, CardSi). No cheques or Traveller’s Cheques are accepted. The amount for the entire booked period must also be paid in cases of delayed arrivals and early departures. At the start, all wristbands must be returned (penalty of 30.00 euros for each unrendered bracelet) and identification documents must be collected. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED in any of the accomodation. Units and TRANSGRESSORS will be charged € 100.00 for cleaning and disinfestation. Departure must take place by 9:00 a.m., otherwise a further day will be counted.

Departure at night or out of hours must be pre-authorized and confirmed with the Management. In this case, it is recommended to take care of and park the car by 11 p.m. outside the Village.

Staying within the Village and the use of the beach are strictly prohibited beyond the expected stay period, subject to removal and payment for each person of the “daily visitor fare”” calculated according to the expected seasonal price range.

All the above rules are unappellable. The staff of the campsite is authorized to enforce them and the Management reserves the right to immediately remove guests whose behaviour, in his opinion, disturbs the quiet of other guests or contravenes the above rules.
Thank you for collaborating and happy holidays.