Booking Terms

1. Condition validity

These conditions relate to the 2024 season. All previous conditions are cancelled.

2. Booking mode

Reservations can be made directly from the, website, by email by writing to,
through our online booking system, at the campsite reception or by phone at +39 041 5370766.

The booking is to be considered valid only by the sending by the property of the “booking confirmation”, following the payment of the down payment by the Customer.

The Management reserves the right to assign a different pitch or unit number than originally booked.

In case of a reservation, arrival must take place between 5pm and 8pm. After that time, no access to the facilities will be allowed, even if last minute.

In case of booking for more than one unit, please do not ask for them to be next to each other, as we cannot guarantee this request, although we will do our best to accommodate you. Please ask for information 3 days before your arrival.

3. Security Deposit

The Village Camping Joker will ask for the arrival of the customer for a security deposit for the rent of an apartment Hotel Joker Residence, Villini ai Frassini, Apartments Vallenova, Apartments Poker, Maxi Caravan Magic, Magic Plus, Top Chalet, Evolution House, Dream Villa, Sunlight.

The security deposit will be returned to the customer at the time of departure, after the check of the accommodation.

If any damage, breakages of any kind, ruptures of televisions with related remote controls, breaking air conditioning remotes, negliges by the customer, the Village Camping Joker will have the right to withhold some or all of the security deposit paid, while remaining the total payment of the damage caused.

The equipment are listed in the inventory displayed in the accommodation. In the event of a breakdown or absence of some equipment, the customer must repay the cash value. Repairs and replacements are the sole responsibility of management. Lost air conditioning chip 100.00.

4. Payment of the advance

The advance calculated on the booked period is to be paid (within the timeframe indicated in the booking offer) through:

– bank transfer at Banca UNICREDIT, branch of Cavallino Treporti, (VE)
IBAN: IT61 I 02008 83211 000041353051 BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1UP8 specifying the booking number;

– by credit card on the website  online payments;

The amount of the advance will be deducted from the stay account.

5. Confirmation of booking

The booking is to be considered final only with the receipt of the confirmation of booking, following the payment of the down payment by the Customer.

6. Cancellations

– cancellation is possible up to 21 days before arrival, with the refund of the deposit already paid, except a cancellation fee of € 50,00.
– no refund for cancellations made after the 21st day prior to the date of arrival or in case of no show.
No exceptions for reservation made within 21 days prior to arrival date.
– you can move or change your booking without any penalty up to 21 days before arrival.

Special cancellation conditions can be applied on the permission of the Management.

7. Variations

In case of delayed arrival, the unit will be kept available until 3 p.m. the day after the booked day. Delays in arrival or early departures still result in payment for the entire booked period. Each change in the reserved period may result in a change in the number of units requested. The reservation guarantees the availability of a housing unit not its location or number in particular.

8. Home delivery

In the case of a reservation, arrival must not take place until 5pm and maximum until 8pm, respectively.
Those who arrive early cannot enter for any reason except when accommodations are available.
Departure must take place by 09:00 a.m., otherwise another day will be counted.

9. Stay balance

The payment time is from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The balance of the stay must be paid within 3 days of the date of arrival of the customer only at the village cash office during the opening hours of the same. Any down payments can be paid at the same times.

Payments are allowed in cash (within the legal limits), with ATMs and credit cards (MasterCard, Master, Visa).
In accordance with Dl 201/2011, payments of 5,000.00 euros or more must be made through traceable payment systems such as credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard or Master).

The amount for the entire booked period must also be paid in cases of delayed arrivals and early departures.
At the time of the balance, the customer is also required to pay the residence tax.
If, at the end of the stay, it is found that the accommodation has not been left clean, the rubbish thrown away, the dishes washed and the floor swept, an additional €70.00 will be charged for final cleaning.